Cultural industry Sisak-Moslavina County, Croatia, 

16 August-25August 2021


We would like to invite you to be part of our first project Cultural Industry, as our partner or our guest. Only with joined forces we can contribute and help the unfortunate. If you are interested in supporting
and aiding people, contact us back to find a way in which you can contribute. We are inviting you to do something good to fulfill yourself and the unfortunate ones. We are open to any kind of contribution. If you are interested we can arrange a meeting to find a bonding point.

Only with joined forces we can contribute and help the unfortunate. If you are interested in supporting and aiding people, contact us back to find a way in which you can contribute. We are inviting you to do something good to fulfill yourself and the unfortunate ones. 

To achieve our goals and aims, we shall introduce you to our first project Cultural Industry, which should be placed in Croatia, specifically Sisak-Moslavina County.
Sisak-Moslavina County has suffered a great loss regarding the big earthquake that hit on 29th of December 2020, followed by lots of weaker strength earthquakes. Therefore, our idea of project Cultural Industry arose from there. The aim of the project followed by the organization's aims is to revitalize and promote Sisak-Moslavina County while helping to retrieve original natural grace, accompanied with interesting historical importance. The project consists of a ten days trip to Sisak-Moslavina County and lots of activities accompanied by sightseeing. Activities differ from sport such as cycling, running, jogging, meditation, yoga, and others; art such as several workshops namely with wood, or flower. What is more, the place of the project is picked for one more reason, which is Holland House, in town Sisak. Holland House is an attraction in the city center, which was transformed into a museum. Nevertheless, KroNland has searched and explored what the two nations enjoy, the result has brought us to encourage both nations for outdoor activities as the Dutch prefer, as well as hedonism what Croats prefer. Hence, we can connect and bring together both societies. What is more, we would like to connect specific groups, such as volunteers, photographers, and artists. KroNland has already combined Croatian,
particularly Sisak muralists together with muralists from Amsterdam.





Re: think festival Sisak / Foto event Nature Park Lonjsko polje / Volunteering on inclusive Farm in Hrastovica

1. Day/16 August 2021

Arrival in accommodation. After a short break, visit the town of Sisak in which you can see traditional Croatian culture, way of living and try delicious traditional cuisine. 

2. Day/17 August 2021

All day is scheduled for a visit to the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park. We plan a tour of Koščeva staza where you can enjoy a nature and make a tons of great photography. 

3. Day/18 August 2021

Morning reserved for outdoor adventure trip down the Kupa river in canoes from Petrinja to Sisak

4. Day/19 August 2021

In the morning, sightseeing of Sisak and tour of its industrial heritage. At 7 p.m., opening ceremony for photo exhibition by Dutch photographers at the "Dutch house" in Sisak.


5. Day/20 August 2021

A visit to the vineyards in Moslavačka Gora, planned walk around Lake Mikleuška. After a walk on Moslavačka Gora there is a time for relaxation and meditation. 

Jazz concert Damir Kukuruzovic

6. Day/21 August 2021 

Mountainside adventure trip up Hrastovac gora Mt. in the morning and barbecue at the night

7. Day/22 August 2021 

Free day

8. Day/23 August 2021 

In the morning, tour of Hrvatska Kostajnica, a town situated right at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Upon return, brief visit to the town of Petrinja.

9. Day/24 August 2021 

Morning slot scheduled for bicycle ride trip from Sisak to traditional croatian village Letovanić and back to Sisak.

10. Day/25 August 2021

Departure day


Exhibition by Dutch photographers at the "Dutch house" in Sisak 

Registration fee: 180 euro for 10 days festival Cultural industry, 16-25 August 2021. The registration fee includes accommodation, breakfast & lunch, traveling and luggage transportation.

Re:think Sisak

ASA Amsterdam Street art and Green Hill Sisak

Stichting KroNland is a young Croatian-Dutch Foundation based in Lelystad in the Netherlands. 

For the 1th edition of Cultural Industry in Croatia we need volunteers who wants to participate in Inclusive farm:

-teach disabled children or adults important skills

-entertain them and brighten up their day

-expose them to a different culture


DIY and building projects


Volunteering on

Inclusive farm in Hrastovica

International volunteers, will volunteer on "Inclusive farm" in Hrastovica, near Petrinja. Led by organisation "Zeleno zlato". Project "Inclusive farm" is a two-year European project written and cooperated by the same organisation with partners organisations named "Association for persons with special needs or disabilities of Sisak-Moslavina County" and town Petrinja. The idea is to establish the day care centre in nature near town Petrinja for youth and adults with special needs or disabilities.

Exchanging experiances with Croatian volonteers on an ecological farm in Croatia.

We are looking for enthusiastic and young volunteers who like to travel and are adventurous, who enjoy nature, meeting new people, like working and helpining

This project offers you first of all a great experience, adventures time and offers you time for numerous workshops in your free time as working on the farm, producing honey, slackline, hiking, boating and much more!

Team KroNland


    Foto Gallery Siscia Obscura &       Ceramic Studio Val Petrinja